Bloodborne Pathogens

For Bloodborne Pathogens, here are additional things you should consider:

Although OSHA training on Bloodborne Pathogens does not deviate in a GREEN cleaning and maintenance program as compared to a traditional program, a specific effort should be made in a GREEN program to minimize exposure to overly aggressive cleaning products. Historically, disinfectant products (i.e. phenols, iodiphors, and chlorine) used in killing both HBV and HIV-1 were more likely to have potentially serious health and environmental affects when compared to other disinfectant/sanitizers that may be appropriate for use. Spartan offers newer EPA registered appropriate disinfectants, along with the training to help meet the requirements of OSHA, while at the same time, minimizing health and environmental impacts.

In a GREEN cleaning and maintenance program, Spartan recommends a two-pronged strategy. One specifically for OSHA’s BBP Standard using products, procedures, personal protective equipment, and disposal methods distinctively meeting OSHA’s requirements, and a second strategy clearly separating the products and procedures used for general disinfecting/sanitizing. This separation will meet the OSHA requirements. It is important to clearly distinguish the procedures for the various types of disinfecting/sanitizing to reduce the possibility of confusion, and to reduce overall negative impact on health and environment.

Routinely, evaluate products and procedures. Select those that meet the task satisfactorily without “overkill”. When giving a choice of several products, think “preferable” and/or “reduce risk” products. Product Selection

Some things to consider when selecting a disinfectant for the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard:

  • Effective against HBV and HIV-1.
  • Low odor.
  • Ask yourself; is there a threat of infection from contact with environmental surfaces?
  • Use an effective and proven disinfectant that is registered with the EPA.
  • Choose a disinfectant that minimizes environmental risk and worker safety impact.

Some things to consider when selecting a disinfectant for general cleaning and disinfecting:

  • EPA Registered.
  • Near neutral pH.
  • Multi surface formula.
  • Low odor.
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria kill.
  • 400 ppm hard water and 5% blood serum.
  • Quaternary based formula.
  • NO Nonylphenol ethoxylate.
  • NO phosphates.
  • NO Silicates.
  • NO added fragrance.
  • NO added dye.
  • NO caustic or acidic pH.
  • NO harsh builders to damage environment.


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