NOTE: We will assist in the general cleaning of your office; it is up to the individual practitioner to monitor infectious disease control and maintain a sterile environment. All floors should be cleaned using the following techniques.

  1. Floors
    1. Thoroughly vacuum and spot clean walk-off mats daily
    2. Dust mop floors in 100 foot segments daily
    3. Use a brush to remove dirt from corners
    4. Unload dust mop every 100 feet
    5. Place a Wet Floor sign in the middle of the floor
    6. Damp mop and floors, baseboards and corners using a neutral floor cleaner daily
    7. Strip and Recoat resilient floors annually (TAG WORK)
    8. Spray Buff resilient floors every month (TAG WORK)
    9. Deep Scrub and Recoat resilient floors every month (TAG WORK)
    10. Agitate nonresilient floors using rotary floor machine every three months (TAG WORK)
    11. Impregnate nonresilient floors every six months (TAG WORK)
    12. Seal grout in quarry and ceramic tile annually (TAG WORK)
  2. Carpets
    1. Move furniture when cleaning carpets
    2. Vacuum daily
    3. Edges and corners should receive special attention daily
    4. Spot clean as necessary using a color-fast, hospital-approved carpet spot remover and clean cloth
    5. If spot is questionable, treat it as if it contains a bloodborne pathogen (Appendix A)
    6. Remove solids with a putty knife and place in a red bag
    7. Deep clean with hot water extraction each month (TAG WORK)


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