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Green Cleaning is not about simply replacing your current product with a milder cleaner. A properly designed and implemented plan has a positive impact on the cleanliness of your facility, the health of its occupants and your ROI.

Complete the form below to sign up for a free Green Cleaning audit of your building. We will examine your entire process of cleaning, identify areas for improvement, develop a plan and the procedures to implement the plan, execute the plan and measure the results.

During our Green Cleaning audit survey we conduct a baseline Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) survey using a handheld airborne particle counter. We measure particles, VOCs, and bio-pollutants (bacteria and fungi); all at no cost to you.

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During our free green cleaning building audit we will evaluate the following areas.

Feel free to take the survey yourself or contact us to schedule a time to have an expert from our company audit your building.

Outside Environment:

The more pollutants outside the more likely they will be inside too (e.g. exhaust, factories, pesticides, etc.)

Mats used at each entrance

Air handling system balanced

High-quality intake filters in use

Air filters are replaced frequently

Exterior of the Building:

Dampness in the building’s foundation

Loose dirt that can be tracked into the building

Leaks or standing water in the roof

Standing water in air intakes

Building Entrances:

Primary and secondary entrances are covered with at least 30 feet of mats

Outside scraper mat

Foyer mat

Inside carpet mat

Mats are not soiled

Public Areas:

Public telephones disinfected regularly

Restrooms disinfected regularly

Vending machines disinfected regularly

Light switches disinfected regularly


Areas are dry, clean, and disinfected

If chemicals are stored there is local exhaust

Drains work effectively by draining water for 5 minutes

Vents and filters are clean

Mechanical Rooms and Systems:

Free of dirt, dust, and moisture

Air conditioning drip pans are clean

No evidence of insects or rodents

HVAC filters are clean


If garage is connected, carbon monoxide is not entering building

Loading Docks:

Engines are shut off at loading dock

Signs requiring engines to be shutoff are displayed with reverse image so they can be read from the mirror

Dumpsters are not be near air intakes

Storage Areas:

Chemicals with VOCs are properly stored

If there are chemicals, then the space is ventilated

Stairs and Elevators: Stairs and elevators act like chimneys to disperse pollutants

Clean, dry, and free of trash

Items stored under the stairs are moved regularly so the area is cleaned

Care is given to chemicals used to clean because they can be easily dispersed

Office and Work Areas:

Carpet is free of stains or dampness

Uniform materials used throughout the building

Carpet near entrances or below vents is cleaned frequently

Food Areas:

Counters, tables, cabinets, refrigerators, and under sink are completely clean

No evidence of pests and rodents

Inspect food prep area for dust, mold, and bacteria

Building has a recycling program


Floor drains are functioning

No leaks

No-touch dispensers

Absence of odors

Environmentally friendly alternatives of chemicals and paper products are used

Computer, Mail, and Copy Rooms:

Areas are cleaned more often because the volumes of trash and chemicals

Spills of inks and toners are not removed with solvents which can be toxic

Computer screens are free of dust

Cleaners work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging equipment

Janitors Closets:

Area is clean, dry, and ventilated

Make sure there is enough space and the area is accessible

Drains and basins are free of bacteria and odors

Cleaning chemicals stored properly

No hazardous chemicals

Equipment is clean and in good working order

Old equipment is replaced with newer, more effective models, such as high-filtration backpacks

Top Floor of Building:

No evidence of roof leaks that can lead to bio-contaminants



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