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Total Quality's healthcare cleaning division has a designated, fully trained staff that understands Green cleaning in the healthcare environment wether it be a laboratory, testing facility or medical research building anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria or surrounding areas.

Healthcare cleaning services Healthcare facility cleaning requires specialized training and compliance with various local laws and regulations.

All our healthcare cleaning crews are required to complete all necessary OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, blood borne pathogen, operating room, and general medical office cleaning training through our membership in the Building Services Contractor Association.

Contact us for a FREE Green Medical Facility Cleaning Estimate and to learn about programs designed for healthcare industry infection control, healthcare specific floor maintenance, biomedical research labs, healthcare research facilities, blood work laboratories, hospitals and doctor's offices.

Total Quality Cleaning Systems understands that in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Special attention in healthcare facilities must be given to infection control
  • Virex brand chemical must be used to disinfect floor and surfaces through out any healthcare center
  • Services must follow OSHA, HIPAA, Standard Precautions, Sarbanes-Oxley, healthcare facility cleaning, and personal protective equipment requirements
  • Will follow any additional healthcare guidelines instructed by Maricopa County or Cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert or Glendale
  • Cost must be kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality and infection control required by the healthcare facility
  • While in a healthcare provider's building, specialized equipment such as CT rooms requires that janitorial crews do not bring any metal with them while cleaning
  • Operating rooms and similar healthcare environments must be cleaned from floor to ceiling
  • Bio-hazard trash (e.g. red bags) are not to be handled by the healthcare cleaning janitorial staff
  • $100,000/$4,000,000 bonding/ liability insurance is imperative when cleaning healthcare facilities with expensive equipment
  • OSHA inspects a healthcare facility on MSDS sheets, floor care status, graffiti, cleanliness of windows, and expiration dates. Our healthcare specific janitorial staff proactively inspects these areas of the healthcare facility.

Healthcare Office Cleaning Programs

Total Quality has perfected a program to address the cleaning needs of healthcare offices, operating rooms, clinic, instore clinics, surgery centers and hospitals. We can make a tremendous improvement at your healthcare establishment by executing in the following areas:

Standard Precautions in Healthcare Environments:

  • In the healthcare environment, the standard precautions our cleaning staff takes such as changing gloves after toilets, restrooms, patients rooms, handling waste, contacting another person or self, handling food, leaving a cleaning area, mixing chemicals, being torn, touching blood borne pathogens take on special significance due to the sensitive nature of any healthcare facility.
  • The cleaning staff will always contact a supervisor trained in healthcare cleaning for infectious waste spills.

Cleaning Waiting Rooms in a Healthcare Facility:

  • We will assist in the general cleaning of a healthcare building's waiting room; however it is up to the individual practitioner to monitor infectious disease control and maintain a sterile environment.
  • Waiting rooms are high-traffic areas that require specialized healthcare cleaning attention. We take special care in cleaning and provide tag work, if requested, and even day porter service in busy healthcare environments such as hospitals or large clinics.

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Doctor's office cleaning services
Waiting rooms require daily disinfection and cleaning because waiting rooms in doctor's offices and hospital clinics are vectors for infectious diseases.

No matter wether you are looking for healthcare office cleaning, healthcare building cleaning, healthcare facility maintenance or healthcare construction cleanup for your healthcare business, doctor's office, medical facility or retirement building. Total Quality Cleaning Systems is a healthcare cleaning company which can address any of your needs. We would be happy to provide your with a quote for healthcare facility cleaning services in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

For a free quotation simply call us at 480-917-7079 or contact us via email, we'll be happy to provide a free green cleaning evaluation anywhere in the Phoenix metro area such as Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Mesa.

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