Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Pump up sprayer and one bucket with wringer or two buckets with wringers, foam gun, or PBF.
  2. Wet mop
  3. Broom and dustpan
  4. "Wet floor" signs
  5. Gloves
  6. Products
    1. Cleaner disinfectant
    2. Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used
    3. Personal protective equipment as called for in MSDS
    4. If blood or other potentially infectious material is present, follow your site specific exposure control plan

Purpose of Daily Cleaning Floor

  1. Clean and sanitize restroom floor. Always follow OSHA regulations and your site-specific exposure control plan.
  2. Eliminate odors and bacteria
Procedure for Cleaning the Restroom Floor
  1. Put on gloves and personal protection equipment.
  2. Remove all movable obstacles.
  3. Sweep floor and pick up pile with dustpan.
  4. Position equipment outside restroom door.
  5. Place "Wet floor" sign at the entrance.
  6. Use either the spray down/mop up method or the two-bucket method to get cleaner disinfectant on the floor.
  7. Apply product on floor, starting in the farthest corner.
    1. Work moving backwards towards the door.
    2. Be sure to get disinfectant around toilets, under urinals and under sinks.
  8. Allow to stand amount of time recommended by manufacturer's directions.
  9. Dip wet mop into clean water rinse. Wring out dry.
  10. Start at farthest corner and pick up disinfectant solution that is on the floor or rinse and squeegee.
  11. Dip mop in rinse water frequently. Continue until all disinfectant solution has been picked up.
  12. Clean up
    1. Empty bucket(s) and sprayer.
    2. Rinse out mop.
    3. Store all tools and materials.


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