Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Bowl swab
  2. Trigger sprayer
  3. Clean cloths
  4. Products
    1. ConsumeĀ® Bio-Bowl / SparCling
    2. Cleaner disinfectant
    3. Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used
    4. Personal protective equipment called for in MSDS
    5. If blood or other potentially infectious material is present, follow your site-specific exposure control plan.

Purpose of Toilet Bowl Cleaning

  1. Clean, disinfect and deodorize the toilet
  2. Reduce the growth and spread of bacteria
  3. Outside of toilet.
    1. Spray the toilet seat, top and bottom, with a cleaner disinfectant.
    2. Spray the flush handle and all the chrome around the toilet.
    3. Spray the toilets with the disinfectant.
    4. Spray the outside of the toilet bowl with the cleaner disinfectant.
    5. Spray the seat attachments bolts underneath.
    6. After the toilets have been sprayed with a disinfectant, clean the inside.

Procedures for Cleaning Inside the Toilet Bowl

  1. Put on gloves and personal protection equipment. Always follow OSHA regulations and your sitespecific exposure control plan.
  2. Inside the toilet bowl
    1. Lift the toilet seat.
    2. With the bowl swab, remove the water from the bowl by forcing it over the trap.
    3. Press the bowl swab against the side of the bowl to remove excess water from the applicator.
    4. Apply 1 to 2 ounces of bowl cleaner evenly onto the bowl swab.
    5. Swab entire surface area, especially under the rim where the water outlets are located.
    6. Allow the bowl cleaner to remain wet on the surface according to the directions on the label.
    7. Flush toilet and rinse bowl swab thoroughly.
      1. Set bowl swab aside, placing it into a carrying container.
    8. Use a clean, damp cloth for each toilet and wipe the outside of each unit.


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