Laboratory Cleaning

NOTE: We will assist in the general cleaning of your office; it is up to the individual practitioner to monitor infectious disease control and maintain a sterile environment. Due to the high volume of pathogens and large amounts of infectious waste, these areas require meticulous cleaning and disinfection. It is important that our cleaning specialist follow these procedures, in order, when cleaning the lab to avoid damaging any specialized equipment.

  1. Empty trash
    1. Place any items that missed the waste basket in the trash
  2. Wipe inside and outside of waste baskets with a disinfectant and allow them to air dry
  3. Place double bag red liners in the trash bins
  4. Remove and discard gloves, wash hands, and don fresh gloves
  5. Dust ceilings and light fixtures
  6. Dust cabinet tops, window frames, and the tops of doors and door jambs
  7. Spot clean walls
  8. Clean the entire wall at least once per month (TAG WORK)
  9. Disinfect counter tops using a cloth and disinfectant.
  10. Disinfect door handles, door knobs, light switches, and key pads using a disinfectant that is dipped into the solution often
  11. Spot clean windows using a glass cleaner
  12. Clean windows completely once per week (TAG WORK)
  13. Disinfect stools, chairs, desks, and telephones using a disinfectant that is dipped into the solution often
  14. Dust computers
  15. Clean computer screen with glass cleaner
  16. Vacuum floors with a HEPPA filter vacuum
  17. Wet mop floors with a clean mop treated with a germicidal cleaner
  18. Check all areas to be sure they are cleaned
  19. Remove gloves and wash hands


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