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Total Quality Cleaning Systems is a full-service commercial janitorial company that has served the greater Phoenix Metro area since 1995. Our portfolio includes customers in multi-tenant facilities as well as corporations, medical, industrial, clean room, educational, and office space; a combined total of over 7 million feet cleaned and maintained.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our website. We are truly excited about the opportunity to partner with your company. We have been cleaning Green for the past two years, which means all of our chemicals are Green Seal certified and all of our equipment supports the Green process (e.g. low noise emissions, micro-fiber cleaning, etc.). This program of deep cleaning from floor to ceiling with environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment reduces building wear and tear, improves indoor air quality, and ultimately provides the highest quality cleaning. We can even provide you with Green Seal Certified paper products to use in your restrooms!

Before you start to dig deeper into our website, we believe that it’s important to understand what makes Total Quality unique. A typical janitorial company only cleans for the appearance of the building. On the other hand, we follow the principles of Green Cleaning; our goal is tonot only clean your establishment from top to bottom but to improve the environmental quality in your building. Simply put, we clean for your health rather than appearance alone.

An example can help illustrate Green Cleaning in action. A number of recent studies have found that the surfaces that workers touch most often (e.g. computers, phones, and computer mice) have four hundred (400) times as many germs as restroom surfaces such as toilet seats. Most cleaning companies teach their employees not to touch the surface of a desk. Our Green Cleaning philosophy; however, requires that we sanitize your mouse, desk, phone, keyboard, cords, knick-knacks, stapler, etc. It takes a bit longer to clean in this manner, but it is the only way to create a healthy working environment.

Our decade plus years of operation has enabled us to implement best practices that ensure we provide the highest quality service at a competitive price. Specifically:

  • We have found by paying our employees a “living wage” keeps our personnel turnover below 4% annually and subsequently provides our clients with consistent quality.
  • Executing a detailed and published cleaning schedule emphasizing deep cleaning from ceiling to floor and everything in between. This is a paradigm shift from traditional janitorial companies whose focus is superficial and quick cleaning.
  • Using cutting edge technologies to facilitate communication such a web-based (SharePoint) issue tracking, event tracking, and satisfaction surveying.
  • Investing in chemicals and equipment that allow us to properly maintain your building such as Green Seal certified chemicals and micro-fiber mopping systems.
  • Performing account inspections with trained Operation Managers at least once per month. In addition to searching for cleaning omissions, our inspections focus on ensuring the cleaning crew is using the proper techniques and following the work schedule.
  • Establishing monthly meetings with management to ensure the facility is being cleaned according to the client’s expectations.
  • Access to our company is available 24/7, 365 per year through email, cell phones, and on-line communication portals.

As your janitorial company, we will do everything in our power to fulfill our fiduciary responsibility to your company, employees, customer, members, and visitors. We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our company. Feel free to contact us for a free cleaning estimate or to schedule a free Green Cleaning audit of your building.


Ryan Stark - GM

Ryan Stark
General Manager, Total Quality Cleaning Systems



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Total Quality Cleaning Services covers the entire Phoenix, Arizona metro area including office cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial services.

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