How to Clean an Office

  • Vacuum cleaners that capture a minimum of 99% of 0.3 micron particles and make sure vacuums are operating properly a bags dumped when they are half full (they loose their efficiency as the bags become fuller).
  • Floor machines equipped with vacuum attachments.
  • No feather dusters; use damp cloths or micro-fiber cloths.
  • Miscellaneous Product Selection:
    • Paper products and plastic trash can liners that meet EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recycled content.
    • Be diligent in the removal and prevention of mold growth by keeping a regular cleaning and maintenance program.

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Clean cloths
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Trigger sprayer
  4. Wet mop
  5. Liners
  6. Products
    1. Dust mop/dust cloth treatment
    2. Furniture polish
    3. Glass cleaner
    4. Material Safety Data Sheet for chemicals used
    5. Personal protective equipment as called for in MSDS

Daily procedures for cleaning an office

  1. Use personal protective equipment
  2. Start with the top of the room and dust hard surfaces with a clean cloth treated with dust mop/dust cloth treatment. Polish as needed.
  3. Damp sanitize telephone, doorknobs and file cabinets.
  4. Spot clean windows and sills with glass cleaner.
  5. Empty and wipe ashtrays. Empty wastebasket and replace liner.
  6. Dust mop floor or vacuum if carpeted.
  7. Vacuum cloth furniture weekly.

Monthly procedures

  1. Damp dust all high, hard surfaces with a cleaner disinfectant and a clean cloth.
  2. Wash windows and mirrors.


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