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Office Cleaning Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Throughout the Phoenix metro area, our office cleaning division have the reputation as the best office cleaning service. This reputation is the result of the hardwork, dedication and training of all our staff. Whether you are Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Peoria, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale or anywhere in the state of Arizona, we service all types of commercial office buildings including: Class A Office Building Cleaning, Class B Office Buildings Cleaning, Class C Office Buildings Cleaning.

Trained Office Cleaning Staff

Arizona office cleaning All staff is screened and goes through a detailed training process.

All cleaning crews go through on-line background checks before they step foot in any facility. This includes criminal background checks and employment eligibility checks.

We pay all employee living wages and performance bonuses. Our staff have some of the lowest turnover rates in the Phoenix office cleaning market. We make sure we treat our staff right so that they remain with us and grow as professionals. Office cleaning like any type of business relies on the institutional knowledge of its staff to clean effectively and quickly. Whereas other companies pay staff less and compete that way, we pay more and can still underbid other Phoenix office cleaning companies because we attract motivated and dedicated professionals.

Specialized Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is not a one size fits all cleaning process. Even though some office cleaning companies in Phoenix, Arizona take this approach, TQ Clean does not. We provide a different, customized cleaning process based on your specific needs. If there are specialized office cleaning procedures or cleaning regulations that need to be followed based on security, bank office for example, or safety, a medical office as another example. No matter what the specialized cleaning requirements, we will create an office cleaning program that follows your specified protocol.

Office Cleaning on Your Schedule

Arizona office cleaning service From the simplest procedures, to the most complex cleaning jobs, our staff cleans each office like you would clean it, but better.

Some offices have specific hours that office cleaning schedules need to follow to be least disruptive to the operation of your office building. If your office is open during normal business hours we will schedule cleaning staff to be available after the office is closed. No matter if your office is in the West Valley (Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Buckeye), Central Phoenix, or the East Valley (Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert) we can work with your schedule. Perhaps your office is open 24 hours a day, our staff can schedule office cleaning to be as less disruptive as possible. Office buildings with noise concerns, or noise concerns during certain times of the day, we will schedule office cleaning during hours that are least disruptive. We can also schedule louder tasks like office cleaning vacuuming during non quiet hours.

Office Cleaning Safety

And of course if your office security requirements require office cleaning to be supervised during key hours our flexible office cleaning scheduling can accommodate those cleaning needs.

Office Cleaning and Health

Its is essential that your office is cleaned in a manner which promotes maximum health. This is not only the right thing to do for office workers, its a smart thing for office management to do to increase overall productivity. Our office cleanup services are based in green processes using green products and green chemicals. This cleans your office thouroughly without the fascade of being cleaned that commercial office cleaning chemicals provide through odors.

Free Green Office Cleaning Quote

Contact us for a FREE Green Office Cleaning Estimate or to learn more about our programs designed for regular janitorial, day porter, and tag work at offices, executive suites, multi-tenant buildings, financial institutions, dealerships, and production studios.

Total Quality understands that:

  • Insurance and bonding minimums of $4,000,000/$100,000 are a must for any professional office janitorial company
  • Every crew must be trained to operate in very secure offices such as retail, banks, and medical facilities (HIPAA).
  • You need your office cleaning crews to complete OSHA and HIPAA training. We provide that training through our membership in office Building Service Contractors Association International.
  • You want more than just “surface” cleaning. It is beneficial for janitors to follow a detailed and published cleaning schedule that emphasizes deep cleaning from the ceiling down to the floor and everything in between.
  • Communication is imperative. We provide on-site office building communication notebooks and an on-line tool that is accessible by your employees; thus allowing us to track special cleanings, issues, contracts, etc. in real-time.
  • Your office will be cleaned more effectively by using cutting edge cleaning technologies such as Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting systems.

Total Quality Cleaning Services covers the entire Phoenix, Arizona metro area including office cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial services.

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