NOTE: We will assist in the general cleaning of your office; it is up to the individual practitioner to monitor infectious disease control and maintain a sterile environment. We have developed very specific techniques to clean patient rooms in a medical building. These techniques are required in order to clean the patient room.

The following items are used when cleaning a patient room in a medical complex

  • Disposable gloves, face masks, waste basket liners, red bags, soap refills, paper refills, mop bucket, clean mop heads, dust pan, germicidal cleaner, non-acidic bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, fresh cloths, toilet bowl brush, deodorizer, high duster, bucket with warm water and a disinfectant, bucket with warm water and a germicidal cleaner, HEPPA vacuum
  • Use disposable gloves
  • Use an extended height dust wand to clean ceilings, ceiling fixtures, tops of doors, window moldings, window treatments, and blinds
  • Clean all surfaces of the overhead operating lights with an approved disinfectant
  • Clean window ledges and sills
  • Spot clean windows
  • Spot clean walls with a germicidal solution
  • Clean the entire wall each week using a germicidal solution (TAG WORK)
  • Empty waste baskets into red bags, treating them as infectious waste (Appendix A)
  • Wipe down the inside, outside, and bottom of basket using a damp cloth treated with a disinfectant
  • Remove gloves and place in the trash
  • Wash hands don new gloves
  • Clean tables and pads on all sides with a clean cloth treated with a germicidal solution. Change the solution and cloths often.
  • Clean bed rails and footboard with a disinfectant treated cloth
  • Clean side tables, dressers, and chairs using a disinfectant treated cloth
  • Vacuum cloth furniture
  • Disinfect other furniture such as telephones, televisions, remotes, lamps, closets, mirrors, and pictures.
  • Clean inside of drawers when they are emptied by the doctor
  • Dust pictures and mirrors
  • Use a glass cleaner on mirrors
  • Wipe medical equipment with a medium level disinfectant
  • Sensitive equipment such as monitors can be cleaned with a cloth and a neutral cleaner
  • Other items that come in contact with the sink such as blood pressure cuffs require low level disinfection
  • Move any furniture that is not stationary
  • Vacuum using a HEPPA filter and dump contents into a red bag
  • Wet mop using a micro-fiber mop with a germicidal solution working from one corner outward in a figure 8 pattern out the door
  • Use a new mop head for each half of the floor
  • Allow mop solution to sit on floor for 5 minutes
  • Place used mop heads in a bag to be laundered
  • Use a wet-vac to clean germicidal mop water
  • Make a final inspection to ensure the room was put back into order and all cleaning was attended to


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